Emmanuel Saracco


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This manual documents gURLChecker, a graphic links checker.

gURLChecker API description
general — General header used by all gURLChecker files.
application — Manage some general application work.
bookmarks — Manage bookmarks work.
cache — Manage pages content files work.
callbacks — Manage callbacks for the UI.
check — Manage some common work relative on links check.
ucclam — To work with libclamav.
uctidy — To work with libtidy.
uccroco — To work with libcroco.
connection — Manage connections work.
html_parser — Manage HTML parser work.
lists — Manage some work on lists.
project — Manage works relative on project management.
report — Manage graphic report work.
search — Manage search on checked links content.
timeout — Manage timeouts.
url — Manage URL parser work.
utils — Manage some common functions used by all other files.
web_site — Manage specific check on web sites.
tooltips — Manage customized tooltips.